Description: A synthetic guanidine derivative.

Dosage: 33 PPM

Stage of the life cycle affected by the drug: Arrests the development of the first-generation schizonts of E. tenella by preventing the formation of merozoites. An additional effect on gametogeny has been identified.

Pharmacokinetics: It is absorbed to a limited extent and excreted rapidly. Unchanged robenidine is the major compound excreted by chicken and turkey. In chickens, it is not completely absorbed from the GI tract; the absorbed portion is well distributed to tissues and extensively metabolized. Excretion occurs over several days following oral administration.

Toxicity: Chicken LD50 450 mg/kg.

Precaution: Unpleasant taste to broiler meat if not withdrawn before slaughter. The taste is also imparted to eggs of layers when fed at 66 ppm.

Antifungal activity: Robenidine, exhibits a broad-spectrum antifungal activity.