What's New ? - 2023

What's New ? - 2023

Britain: High Court dismisses animal welfare claim about broiler chickens

25 May, 2023 The high court in England has dismissed a legal challenge regarding the use of rapidly growing chickens on farms. Animal welfare activists had raised concerns about these genetically-selected breeds, often referred to as 'Frankenchickens,' asserting that they suffer from severe health issues. The court examined the claims that the government had misinterpreted welfare regulations by permitting the farming of these chickens. The case was dismissed by the judge. Read More

A sex-determining system is installed in Norway's largest hatchery

13 May, 2023 At Norway's largest hatchery, Steinsland & Co, a system for determining the gender of chicks while still in the egg has been installed. The process is not only a professional and business requirement for the hatchery but also a growing demand from consumers in Norway.
The system, developed by the Dutch company respeggt, is able to determine the gender of the chick on the ninth day of incubation. Read More

Determining the gender of the chick using MRI method

11 May, 2023 In collaboration with Orben, Hendrix Genetics reports the launch of equipment for determining the gender of chicks while still in the egg using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and artificial intelligence. The method is effective for commercial-scale operations and has been implemented in the Mûr-de-Bretagne hatchery in France. Hendrix Genetics is the breeder of the Dekalb breed marketed in Israel, while Orben is a German company. The real-time sorting method can sort 24,000 eggs per hour and is based on sorting at day 12 of incubation using the Genus Focus machine, which is necessary for regulation in France and Germany promoting the prohibition of male chick culling at day-old. Read More

Dutch plans to buy out livestock farmers to reduce nitrogen pollution

9 May, 2023 The EU has given the green light to a €1.5 billion initiative by the Dutch government to reduce nitrogen emissions by purchasing farms from willing farmers. The scheme is part of the Netherlands' plan to cut nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions by 50% nationwide by 2030, with intensive farming being a major contributor to high levels of these harmful substances.
The buyout program will target farms located near nature reserves, with around 3,000 farms expected to be eligible for compensation. The Dutch agricultural industry, which had exports worth €122.3 billion in 2022, is the second-largest in the world after the US.
The voluntary scheme is a departure from earlier government proposals to reduce livestock numbers, which had met with opposition from farmers who feared compulsory buyouts. Read More

Endless acquires poultry provider, Smithfield Murray

30 March, 2023 The acquisition of Smithfield Murray, a poultry processor, has been announced by the UK private equity firm, Endless. Smithfield, which was established in 1987, supplies prepared raw poultry products to manufacturers that subsequently distribute them to retail and foodservice channels. The acquisition will merge Smithfield with Yorkshire Premier Meat, Endless's other meat processor, resulting in a significant player in the UK's business-to-business protein supply. Read More

New Zealand bans battery cages

3 January, 2023 According to The Guardian Battery cages for layer hens will become illegal in New Zealand in 2023.
The plan to ban battery cages has been 10 years in the making - in 2012, the previous National party government committed to phasing them out by 1 January 2023.
New Zealand has 3.9 million hens for egg production. Read More

Egypt promotes benefits of eating chicken feet

1 January, 2023 The crippling economic crisis in Egypt has resulted in a massive rise in food prices and meat of all kinds, exceeding the worst-case forecasts. Coinciding with the 50 percent rise in poultry prices over the past few months, there have been widespread calls to buy chicken feet on the pretext that they contain a high percentage of protein. Read More