What's New ? - 2021

What's New ? - 2021

Antimicrobial agents in European countries, 2019-2020

27 November, 2021

Article 57 of Regulation (EU) 2019/6 on VMPs13 requests mandatory reporting of data on antimicrobial medicinal products used in animals. It states that the Agency shall cooperate with Member States and with other Union agencies to analyse data on antimicrobial sales and use and shall publish an annual report.
A total of 31 European countries - 30 EU/EEA countries and Switzerland - submitted antimicrobial veterinary medicinal products (VMPs) sales or prescription (two countries) data to the European Medicines Agency for 2019 and 2020. Of the overall sales of antimicrobials in the 31 countries in 2020, the largest amounts, as a proportion of total mg/PCU, were accounted for by penicillins (31.1%), tetracyclines (26.7%) and sulfonamides (9.9%). Overall, in 2020 these three classes accounted for 67.7% of total sales in the 31 countries. 


Sales of antimicrobial active substances by antimicrobial class as percentages of the total sales for foodproducing animals, in mg/PCU, aggregated by 31 European countries, in 2020


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