Infectious Diseases 2017

Infectious Diseases 2017

Chile: avian influenza detected in a Turkey flock

5 January, 2017

Chile has detected avian influenza H7 (Low pathogenic strain) at a turkey production plant run by poultry producer Agrosuper in the country's central Valparaiso region. All affected birds (350,000) will be culled. No data regarding N type were given. 
Avian influenza (AI) was diagnosed in May 2002 for the first time in Chile and South America*. The epidemic was caused by the highly pathogenic AI (HPAI) virus subtype H7N3 that emerged from a low pathogenic virus. The index farm was a broiler breeder, located in San Antonio, V Region, which at the time was a densely populated poultry area. Stamping of 465,000 breeders, in 27 sheds, was immediately conducted. Surveillance activities detected a second outbreak, 1 wk later, at a turkey breeding farm from the same company. The second farm was located 4 km from the index case. Only 25% of the sheds were infected, and 18,500 turkeys were destroyed.


*Av Dis 2007, 51(1 Suppl):363-365