Infectious Diseases 2019

Infectious Diseases 2019

Lawsuit: Salmonella outbreak caused from raw unpasteurized eggs use

20 January, 2019 Newly filed court documents reveal Milk & Honey served salmonella-tainted ‘short rib gnocchi’ to patrons during August of 2018, causing over 20 patrons to fall ill with salmonella poisoning, and the Metro Health Department to deem it an outbreak.
Between August 3rd and August 15th of 2018, more than 20 patrons of Milk & Honey, a restaurant on 11th Ave S in the Gulch (Nashville), were diagnosed with salmonella poisoning, according to the Metro Health Department, who formally deemed the incident an ‘outbreak’. Environmental, epidemiological, and lab testing linked the outbreak to the raw egg product furnished to Milk & Honey by a vendor, Gravel Ridge Farms. Specifically, they found the gnocchi was were only being cooked to 130 degrees, well below the required 145 degree required cook-kill temperature. Read More

UK: Zoonoses Report

19 January, 2019 This year’s UK Zoonoses Report continues to include the numbers of reported cases of zoonotic infection in humans and animals and a selection of feature articles which highlight human and animal incidents and issues of public health significance which occurred during 2017. Campylobacter continues to be the most commonly reported human gastrointestinal pathogen and cases increased again in 2017 after a decline over the previous 2 years. The reporting rate for campylobacter increased in the UK from 89.8 per 100,000 population in 2016 to 96.8 per 100,000 in 2017. This increase was observed in each of the UK countries. Northern Ireland continues to report rates lower than the rest of the United Kingdom (76.0 cases per 100,000 population). the ratio of unreported human campylobacter disease to reports to national surveillance is 9.3 to 1 (95% CI 6-14.4). Read More

Newcastle Disease diagnosed in Utah, USA

19 January, 2019 The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) confirmed Jan. 18 the presence of Newcastle disease virus in a small flock of backyard exhibition chickens (250) in Utah County, Utah. This is the first case of Newcastle Disease discovered in Utah. Read More

California: Third farm diagnosed with ND

12 January, 2019 According to a January 10th APHIS release a commercial egg-production farm with 100,000 hens was diagnosed with Newcastle Disease. Read More

California: Newcastle disease found in 2nd commercial flock

9 January, 2019 Newcastle disease was detected in a commercial layer flock in Riverside County. This finding is part of an outbreak in southern California that began in May 2018 in backyard exhibition birds.
The initial commercial case was reported Dec. 16, 2018, in a flock of 110,000 six-week-old layer chickens in Riverside County. Read More

EURL-Salmonella interlaboratory comparison study (2017)

3 January, 2019 In November 2017, the 22nd interlaboratory comparison study on the typing of Salmonella was organised by the European Union Reference Laboratory for Salmonella (EURL-Salmonella, Bilthoven, the Netherlands). The study’s main objective was to evaluate whether the typing of Salmonella strains by the National Reference Laboratories (NRLs-Salmonella) in the European Union was carried out uniformly, and whether comparable results were being obtained. Performance of EU NRLs in Salmonella typing is assessed annually by testing ability to identify 20 strains. NRLs from countries outside the EU participate on a voluntary basis. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Israel took part in the 2017 assessment. All 35 labs performed serotyping. Twenty obligatory Salmonella strains plus one optional strain were selected by the EURL-Salmonella for serotyping. Read More