Newcastle disease + Infectious bronchitis + Infectious bursal disease + Turkey rhinotracheitis / Swollen head syndrome

Commercial Name Company Country Target Species Strain Composition Comments Image Label
Vaxxon Breedermune 4 IBr
Vaxxinova Brazil Chickens (breeders/ layers)
ND: LaSota
IB: Mass, Br1 447 & 452
IBD: GBV-8 & Variant E
aMPV: Serotype A & B
Water-in-oil emulsion
Nobilis RT+IBmulti+G+ND
MSD AH The Netherlands Breeder and layer chickens
ND: Clone 30
IB: M41+ 249g (D274/D207)
IBD: D78
TRT: But1#8544
See label
Water-in-oil emulsion
Hipra Spain Breeder and layer chickens
ND: LaSota
IB: H52
IBD: strain W2512
aMPV: strain 1062
ND: 108.0EID50
IB: 108.0EID50
IBD: 105.0CID50
aMPV: 106.0TCID50
Water-in-oil emulsion

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