Haemorrhagic Enteritis

Haemorrhagic Enteritis

The development of an HE live vaccine from avirulent virus isolate from Pheasants: the Domermuth strain.
Domermuth at al. (1977) Vaccination for haemorrhagic enteritis of turkeys. Avian Dis. 21, 557 – 565.

Commercial Name Company Country Target Species Strain Composition Comments Image Label
Boehringer Ingelheim France Turkeys, Pheasants
Domermuth (Marble Spleen Disease avirulent virus)
QS 9/10 seroconversions
Hemorrhagic enteritis vaccine, live virus
Hygieia USA Turkeys
Type 2 avian adenovirus of pheasant origin
Adenomune ll
Ceva USA Turkeys
Live avirulent strain of hemorrhagic enteritis virus of pheasant origin
HE Vac
Arko USA Turkeys
Propagated in a lymphoblastoid cell line (MDTC-RP 19) of turkey origin
MSD AH USA Turkeys
Avirulent Type II avian adenovirus of pheasant origin
Grown in the RP-19 cell line
Pro'tect Hemorrhagic enteritis vaccine
Brinton USA Turkeys

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