Chicken Infectious anemia virus (CIAv) is the only member of the genus.
Gyro: from Latin gyrus, “ring” or “circuit”.

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Isolation of chicken anemia agent (CAA)

Yuasa N, Taniguchi T, Yoshida I. Isolation and some characteristics of an agent inducing anemia in chicks. Avian diseases. 1979 Apr 1:366-85.t al. (1979) Avian Diseases 23:366-385


Prototype attenuated CAV

Meehan BM, Todd D, Creelan JL, Connor TJ, McNulty MS.
Investigation of the attenuation exhibited by a molecularly cloned
chicken anemia virus isolate by utilizing a chimeric virus approach.
Journal of virology. 1997 Nov;71(11):8362-7.


Prototype modified live vaccine

Noteborn MH, Verschueren CA, van Ormondt H, van der Eb AJ. Chicken anemia virus strains with a mutated enhancer/promoter region share reduced virus spread and cytopathogenicity. Gene. 1998 Nov 26;223(1-2):165-72.