Publications - 2023

Publications - 2023

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USAHA - 2023 Layer Health Report

Published 8 November, 2023 Dr. Eric Gingerich

Monitoring Broiler Breeder Vaccination for Avian Encephalomyelitis

Published 1 November, 2023 Dr. Rita Weber

2023 Turkey Industry Annual Report

Published 11 October, 2023 Dr. Steven Clark

Considerations for developing HPAI vaccination Programs

Published 5 July, 2023 Dr. Les Sims

Management of the poultry red mite Dermanyssus gallinae - A review

Published 31 May, 2023 Dr. Ee Taek Hwang The ectoparasitic mite Dermanyssus gallinae, poses a substantial risk to poultry production and human health globally, particularly in laying hen farms. In this review, the researchers explore the potential of various synthetic inorganic materials for enhancing monitoring capabilities and providing more effective treatment interventions, presenting novel strategies for improved information in this regard. Read More

The impact of intensive poultry farming on environmental and human health

Published 1 February, 2023 Dr. Goran Gržinić et al. This study discusses the current knowledge on the impact of intensive poultry farming on
environmental and human health, as well as taking a look at solutions for a sustainable future.
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Ionophore Toxicity in Animals

Published 22 January, 2023 Dr. Ilksen Berfin Ekinci et al. Polyether ionophores toxicity mechanisms in animals: A Review of Clinical and Molecular Aspects Read More

APEC: Pathogenic mechanism, zoonotic potential and prevention

Published 4 January, 2023 Dr. Jiangang Hu et al. The characteristics, epidemiology, pathogenic mechanism zoonotic potential, and drug resistance of APEC, and the current status of diagnosis, alternative control measures, and vaccine development, Read More