Dr. Gene Pesti

Professor of Poultry Science and Animal Nutrition
Graduate Coordinator, Animal Nutrition Program

B.S.A. The Ohio State University
M.S. Auburn University
Ph.D. The University of Wisconsin-Madison


Teaching Responsibilities

Commercial Poultry Management (Undergraduate)
The Economics of Poultry Management (Undergraduate)
Proteins and Amino Acids in Animal Nutrition (Graduate)
Animal Nutrition Seminar (Graduate)


Books (3)

Raising Healthy Poultry Under Primitive Conditions, W. M. Reid, G.M. Pesti, M.A. Hammerlund, & P. Vohra. English, Spanish, and Khmer Editions

Raising Healthy Poultry, W. M.Reid, G. M. Pesti, B. Hargis, R. Moore, P. Vohra, W. F. Dean, & M. A. Hammarlund, 3rd English Edition; 1st French Edition.

Publications by Dr. Gene Pesti

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Nutritional deficiencies in poultry

Published 15 August, 2001 Dr. Gene Pesti